Payment Methods

Payment is due before or upon delivery of the product and may be one of the following ways:

With credit card via Eurobank (coming soon)
Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard) via Eurobank. The management system of payment through credit is now safe through our website, as the receipt of your items directly from the banking system (where there is the highest level of security) without the intervention of third parties.

Cash on Delivery
Cash on delivery of the product on your site from a partner company of courier

PayPal is an online payment system which uses e-mail addresses to identify the issuer and recipient of payment and using international banking network card to make payments. The payment made ​​by the buyer’s PayPal account and arrives at the seller’s PayPal account. Therefore no need to exchange any bank details to make the payment. Simply select Paypal as your payment method. You will be redirected to the PayPal payment page where you will be asked for your E-mail your PayPal password and then confirm your payment. For more information, please visit

Payment with PayPal is under the strict conditions imposed by the trading company PayPal.